A Family Counselling Practice Helping You Maintain, Grow and Protect Your Relationships


Child and adult counselling to empower you to overcome trauma and thrive personally, relationally and vocationally!


Advocating for a fair and amicable fight and resolution for all parties.


A mental health mentor who guides you in ethical, competent and effective practice so that you can be the best practitioner possible!

6 Self-Care Activities for Children and Teens

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FAQ’s: Couples Counselling

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Self-Care Sundays: Stories for our SHEroes

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Kayla-Tess Pattenden

Private Social Worker | BSW UCT (2014) | Statutory, Couples and Supervision

2 Hemyock Way, Plumstead
Charlotte Tinnion

Social Worker | BSW Honours UCT (2019) | Child and Family Therapist