A Family Counselling Practice Helping You Maintain, Grow and Protect Your Relationships


Adolescent and adult counselling to empower you to overcome trauma and thrive personally, relationally and vocationally!


Advocating for a fair and amicable fight and resolution for all parties.


A mental health mentor who guides you in ethical, competent and effective practice so that you can be the best practitioner possible!

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9 Firfield Road Plumstead, Cape Town
Kayla-Tess Pattenden

Private Social Worker | BSW UCT (2014) | Statutory, Couples and Supervision

079-513-7015 or kaylatess@theconnectgroup.co.za

Covid-19 Indemnity

I acknowledge that the Department of Health still recommends practicing social distancing. As such The Connect Group has put in place preventative measures and other protocols to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 during face-to-face sessions. For a comprehemsive explanation of these Measures & Protocols, please view and sign our Covid-19 Client Indemnity here