Kayla-Tess is passionate about supervision, stress management and self-care.
Through seeking out supervision herself, Kayla-Tess established the group. ‘My request for supervision sparked a thread of requests from others too. Our requests remained unanswered, demonstrating a distinct gap in our field’

Affordability and Accessibility are of paramount importance for the Social Service Professionals Connect thus the minimum charge structure for groups and plan to franchise across all Cape Town Suburbs.Inter-disciplinary networking is also of great importance. Through inter-disciplinary groups, members learn from one another and have a broad referral base.

For individual supervision consultations please email Kayla-Tess directly to discuss availability and affordable rates. For more information about Group Supervision please join the Supervision: South African Social Service Professionals Connect Group for supervision meetings, referrals, networking and resources.

Supervision services are available face-to-face or via virtual online platforms too.