The Connect Group was founded on the basis of connection…Healing in one area or person is always linked to the well being in another and so we assess all of a clients connections for the most holistic counselling process.

The Connect Group was formally established in January 2019.

Many clients were unable to afford the expensive fees of most private mental health practitioners. Ultimately, a private practice offering sliding rates based on the financial circumstances of families in South Africa was needed, thus the establishment of The Connect Group. A lack of quality supervision supporting other mental health practitioners was apparent too, thus the inclusion of affordable individual and group supervision too.

2020 found The Connect Group developing even further with a practice partnership between Kayla-Tess and, child and family social worker, Charlotte Tinnion. Charlotte has an Honours in Social Work and practice experience in child protection and schools. She fulfills the role of child and family therapist at The Connect Group, using play and art as her modalities of practice. With Charlotte’s partnership, The Connect Group is able to help the family unit more holistically!

We like to give back at The Connect Group, so we donate a portion of the practice’s regular earnings back into the NPO Sector!